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An Anecdote – The ‘strange’ meeting

Bombay (now known as Mumbai) was a city that I loved to visit twice a year, during Diwali & Summer vacations. I loved Bombay because of tworeasons – firstly, my dear grandma pampered me with chats and yummy handmade pickles and kindness. Secondly, it was a family visit and I looked forward to such visits as a child. There is also a third factor that left a scar on my young heart but with time, I accepted it. 
To reach Bombay, we had to take a connecting train from Solapur Junction. There was a waiting time of 2-3 hours before we could board the train. While waiting, my mother would pull me, my brother and dad to talk a man. The man was of similar age of dad and wore thick moustache. He would welcome us with warm smile. The interactionbetween the man and my mother lasted not more than fifteen minutes. In each talk, I heard them inviting each other to their home. But the invitation just remained in words. 
As I grew up and gained maturity, I inquired about the man to my dad. What I heard from my dad left me into sea of surprise. The man, my mother met every time on the railway station was the first proposal for marriage. The man now was a station master. I couldn’t agree on thinking that one would meet once you get rejected! When I asked my dad, how could you be alright about it? He asked me, what’s wrong in meeting a good human being? My father surely had a big heart!
I know it was a strange thinking on my part and I must confess that initially I found it hard to accept it. But with time, I learned to accept it. It was hard to understand, accept and appreciate but it was possible as I grew up. This is only possible if one could appreciate the below quote. 
“Peace is nothing but a time between a war.” 

Bygone is bygone

Here is my first blog, poem titled ‘Bygone is Bygone’. The poem is based on the changing paradigm in the society. This change is not necessarily means to say is non-essential. This is thought for all those who missed their days that were cherished and rejoiced the most. 

Bygone is bygone

There was a time to see the shadow

There was a time to see the moon

There was a wind to feel

Now, where is the time for see and feel?

Bygone is bygone

Air was filled with innocence​

Innocence of accepting life as it came by

Nothing came easily and nothing passed through easily

Time and Money were not part of make relationships

Now, where is that time and money?

Bygone is bygone

Celebrations brought everyone and everything

Everyone and Everything that didn’t fall in the frame of honour and pride

Now, where are everyone and everything?

Bygone is bygone

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