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I love robots but afraid of people

Fear of robots taking over humans with the latest the world’s first AI news anchor in China, not human or human alike which could work 24 hours a day does the task as a professional news anchor. Concerns over such inventions and loss of jobs is something is as old as the hill. Let us go back in 1920s, the source of information was mostly relied on newspaper and radio partial took the space and by mid 1960 Television. Why aren’t people afraid of Radio and TV, then? I believe they were afraid down through history. Radio and TV must be seen as extension not humans themselves. Such inventions in the past, in the present and in the future, must be seen as part not odd men out! The AI news anchor is a non-humanoid which repeats the tasks when fed with information. It is inhuman, isn’t it? Does it not tell us that it’s the inventions by humans? Yes, I believe it represents humans.


The thought of loss of jobs or questioning the inventions is like going back to a century. Even if one has to argue on humans being replaced by robots then one should stop using vehicles like cars as buses and trains services are at threat. Why one need to inject or be fearful of robots? Why not to create companionship? Like the way, we are with mobiles and laptops. Such inventions can help bridge the gap between urban and rural. Such inventions can act as a tool to bring equity in several areas like education, entertainment and so on. I believe in all aspects. It will be a great discovery and joy in such experimentation.

Arguments of robots replacing humans makes me afraid of people. People can remain humans by appreciating the differences through usage of invention such as films, books, robots by creating a social interaction. If people do not celebrate the way of life through such beautiful inventions then celebration seems regressive. For example, discrimination based on religion, caste, color, hatredness and so on. It is like going back to a century or staying in a belief of humans as are as old as the hills.

But what about robots or fascinating inventions? Oh! I admire, thank the great minds on such inventions. We need great minds Steve Jobs or Elon Musk to teach and reach the humans. Now, I hope your minds have started to speak! If yes, I love robots and people!

Ways to identify the best school

Identifying a school that is suitable for your child is a daunting task, in order to help parents in collaboration with Radio Active CR 90.4 and QtPi Robotics a series ‘My School, Best School’, in Bengaluru, Karnataka is initiated.

The objective behind the series ‘My School, Best School’ is to help parents to pick the best school for their child. Dear parents, remember, you are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child and you as rewarding as possible.

Listen to their talk, the reason they believe what makes their school is Best School –

Harvest International School, Bengaluru

Edify School, Electronic City, Bengaluru

Deeksha High School, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, M. S. Palya, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Begur, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Mysuru

Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar (ICSE), Bengaluru

DRS International School, Hyderabad

Tatva Global School, Hyderabad

Edify Global School, Balapur, Hyderabad

PNC Cognitio School, Bengaluru

The Samhita Academy, Bengaluru

Silicon City Academy of Education, Bengaluru

Glentree Academy 

Radiant Shema School

( More school talk will be update periodically)

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