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Forward message can entangle lives

Random Sample forward*

3 terrible incidents in last week....
1. Gang rape in Rajasthan.
2. A baby raped in Bandipora.
3. A father was killed in Delhi when he objected to some men passing lewd remarks on his daughter. 
Unfortunately, pin drop silence in media, Lutyens gang, placard gang, armchair feminists, NGOs and candle-march intellectuals.
You know why ?? Here are the reasons....

1. Rajasthan is Congress ruled, and hence the ecosystem is in a hibernation.

2. The accused in Bandipora rape belong to a particular community....unlike Kathua where the blame was on Hindus.

3. The man who was killed while protecting his daughter in Delhi was Dhruv Tyagi. 
The men who harrassed Tyagi's daughter and killed Tyagi are Mohammad Shamsher Alam and Jahangir Alam. 
None of the above news fits the narrative of "intolerance", "communalism" and "India under threat".

Forwards like above are dividing people rather than uniting in the name of debate. Every voice that’s raised need not be from the same person. The questions raised are like, why President of America is silent of these issues? As one raised voice for one of the issue, others have choice to make. Why to pinpoint and group them with right or left thought process? The important issue is to address. The disagreement has to be on creative side to make things happen not Who’s Who!

Unfortunately incidents like murder, rape are disturbing and it definitely needs not just voice but a justice that will bring fear to intruder. Will Jai hind not be sufficient to be proud India? Any other ‘Jai’ are my personal say. Even if I agree to say ‘Jai’ that you desired, will you say ‘Jai’ that I desire? If not, why such ask? Did I make an attempt to divert and divide? I hope my views are non-political* as non-policitical is polite.

For all those who are looking for a voice to raise, I raise today!

#BetiBachao #PunishTheCluprits #SavePeople #SaveNature #SaveVision