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In Thoughts – Thank you note

Dear Organiser, 

The beautiful moment of the event that I hold now and in future is the culmination of an unexpected but wholly enjoyable several years journey through the training and development activities for students and teachers. Its an immensely gratifying journey, thanks to the overwhelming positive reaction and constructive criticism that fling me from one emotion to the next.

The highlights of the events are endless, but let me pluck a handful that deserves attention. I can think of no better way to unlearn and relearn through the often candid moments of the event. This is continued to be achieved by associating with progressive minds who are respectful of the event and works to their fullest potential. The end result that leaves each one asking for more. My only hope is that the message will make into their lives and be passed to nearest and dearest. May be, just may be, it will inspire at least a few people to put their minds in collaboration for a better world.

Yours in thoughts,

Santa Santosh Avvannavar 

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Who is average student?


Who is #Average Student?

Concept of average merged in 1830’s by Adolphe Quetelet, an astronomer and mathematician, used averages to determine the speed of the movement of planets. He became obsessed with averages and coined the term “the average man”.

How did this concept of average got percolated to every system?

How did average is perceived and affected the various bodies?

How concept of average was understood by common man?

To various such questions, listen to Sachin Kodagali and Sanket Joshi with RJ Santa Santosh Avvannavar at Radio Active CR 90.4

Dreams & Aspirations: Goals Work


After a talk with children of a school on 11 Aug 2018

Life goals are massively important. Several studies have shown that goals work! It’s because goal-orientated people put lot of effort into achieving the feat. However, goals have to be realistic because several things need to fall into place as sometimes they are beyond ones control. Incase one achieve such feat inspite out of control, wonderful. Incase it doesn’t happen, one could believe to be closer to the goal or part of the system. Hence goals are important. Goals that need not follow the present trends or accept that is offered or talk of the town. So, what are your goals?