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Cheers to a Qt New Year!

Dear Friends,

The beautiful moments of the 2018 that I hold now and in future is the culmination of an unexpected but wholly enjoyable several years journey through several collaborative activities. Its an immensely gratifying journey, thanks to the overwhelming positive reaction and constructive criticism that fling me from one emotion to the next.

The highlights of the collaboration are endless, but let me pluck a handful that deserves attention. I can think of no better way to unlearn and relearn through the often candid moments working with children at schools through QtPi Robotics. I am very thankful for the support. This is continued to be achieved by associating with progressive minds who are respectful of the future of children and works to their fullest potential. The end result that leaves each one asking for more. My only hope is that the children will work for betterment of society and be passed to nearest and dearest. May be, just may be, it will inspire at least a few people to put their minds in collaboration for a better world.

Please accept my best wishes for the New Year 2019. I would like to meet you with great spirit and motivation to take up the next challenges.

Yours in thoughts,

Santa Santosh Avvannavar

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Only One Teacher

For children, there are no specialised teachers. They see each teacher as a teacher. It’s important for teachers to come together keeping their specialisation set aside to collaborate and facilitate learning according to individual’s learning styles. 

This demands teacher bringing aspects of all subjects in their course. The identity of a teacher lies in creating an identity of individuals. 


What Parents mean to Children?

Let’s imagine if I say a word ‘child’, what comes to your mind? The possibilities are cute, sweet, smile, naughty, happy and so on. Now let’s imagine if I say another word, ‘adult’, what comes to your mind? The possibilities of negative words! The shift from the positive words to negative words happened in no time! Right? As much we see a child with ‘positive words’ and adult with ‘negative words’ (mean with apprehension) but for a child nothing is bigger and beyond parents while they grow up. But the kind of questions parents ask to children are of adult, for example, how was school today? I found it very difficult to explain to parents when some parents call me up and say, my child enjoys your Robotics workshop but when I ask him/ her on today’s learning, he just avoids the question? This is exactly what I meant a question for adult not for children. Perhaps I have learnt from my parents and other parents in community when I grow up, how to talk to children? I am yet to completely master it!

I continue to understand that a good communication is harder than mathematics or something like that. Let me bring some of my observations :