Trying and tiring can leads to measurable outcomes hence we find comfort in words – quotes. In order to pat oneself, cheer us on, able to re-start and march forward. Some of the sayings have become society’s lexicon. The quote (or sayings) can act as coach while reading because words are well-expressed, pushy and seem wise. The well-structured messages could help in imaginary play, powerful in brining a new outer look or overcome a hurdle. This section will bring some of such quote.

Several ideas fail in mind; some on paper and few in reality

Parents can make asset for children; teachers can create children as asset.

The journey of hand to mouth is a story of farmer

Keep the spirit up & you will not just grow but fly

Man just does not live on bread but on vision 

In friendship and love, it’s not the width of the bridge but the length matters. Walk along, walk long! Give time to nourish & grow!