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Love: Power of Words


Dear Friend: 

I am writing to you answer the feelings about your love. I am writing it from my point of view.

That’s a good thing to happen is to fall in love. I feel that is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Don’t allow anyone or the societal norms to belittle the feeling of being in love. However, I believe it is not that love which is selfish, mean or uses for self-glory. If so, it would take ugly turns and discourage others to have the feeling of love. It will set wrong precedent for others. The love I am mentioning you which make you outpour everything that is good in you. It consists of kindness, consideration and respect that identifies the another person as unique and valuable. This makes you upright and compassionate person setting up a message of love. Hang on to your feeling.

If the same feeling exists that was from the beginning I think you are in love. I am sure you know better than me or anyone else. I could tell you, how do you look into it.

Love is one thing that you will be glad and grateful for the existence of individuals. It’s one of the best and most beautiful thing to happen in one’s life. One should hang on and try live up to it. It’s like a thriller movie that keeps one on edge hoping for a good and happy end.

Hanging on and being in love is as important as saying so in a way that takes into consideration of the culture one is groomed. The expression of love needs it!

Even though one understand or feel the way you feel, but one would like to hear it out!

In some cases, the fear of rejection or the same feeling is not returned from the another cannot belittle the feeling. Remember, and be glad for having the feeling of being in love. And don’t worry about rejection. Your love is like blossoming of flower for its own joy. Rejections are like the joy of moment one gets by looking at it. And such rejections, in reality has nothing to do with your feeling.

And lastly, don’t be in hurry in making things happen – they won’t! If your love is right, it will happen. Nothing good gets away from the person who is in love from the beginning till the end!


AIR Bengaluru Talk – Empowerment & Poetry

The audio has two parts – The first talk brings a message of ’empowerment of needy and women’ through stories that will touch your hearts, makes you think and brings newer perspectives. The talk was presented by Santosh Avvannavar at AIR Bengaluru, Yuvaavani Program, Primary Channel 612 kHZ.

The second talk is a discussion with Kaashif Buldavani discussion on poetry and his passion towards it. The talk was presented by Santosh Avvannavar at AIR Bengaluru, Yuvaavani Program, Primary Channel 612 kHZ.

He Who Dreams

Little light from lantern
Little hope to light
Little gift from God
And the Story of a Common Man is born

Little faith from fate
Little drop of faith
Little faith built family
And the Story of a Common Man is born

Little in search of love
Little love from lovable
Little love built dreams
And the Story of a Common Man is born

The poem was part of the book, He Who Dreams : Biography of a common man, Mr. N. K. Chaudhary who has converted into a network of 40,000 artisans creating beautiful rugs on 7000 looms, spread across 600 villages of India. He is regarded as the Gandhi of the carpet industry. Inspiring story of Jaipur Rugs.

He Who Dreams

Bygone is bygone

Here is my first blog, poem titled ‘Bygone is Bygone’. The poem is based on the changing paradigm in the society. This change is not necessarily means to say is non-essential. This is thought for all those who missed their days that were cherished and rejoiced the most. 

Bygone is bygone

There was a time to see the shadow

There was a time to see the moon

There was a wind to feel

Now, where is the time for see and feel?

Bygone is bygone

Air was filled with innocence​

Innocence of accepting life as it came by

Nothing came easily and nothing passed through easily

Time and Money were not part of make relationships

Now, where is that time and money?

Bygone is bygone

Celebrations brought everyone and everything

Everyone and Everything that didn’t fall in the frame of honour and pride

Now, where are everyone and everything?

Bygone is bygone

Did the poem evoke nostalgic memories of childhood days? Appreciate your constructive feedback in the comment section or through social media. Please do share with your friends and family!