In Thoughts – Thank you note

Dear Organiser, 

The beautiful moment of the event that I hold now and in future is the culmination of an unexpected but wholly enjoyable several years journey through the training and development activities for students and teachers. Its an immensely gratifying journey, thanks to the overwhelming positive reaction and constructive criticism that fling me from one emotion to the next.

The highlights of the events are endless, but let me pluck a handful that deserves attention. I can think of no better way to unlearn and relearn through the often candid moments of the event. This is continued to be achieved by associating with progressive minds who are respectful of the event and works to their fullest potential. The end result that leaves each one asking for more. My only hope is that the message will make into their lives and be passed to nearest and dearest. May be, just may be, it will inspire at least a few people to put their minds in collaboration for a better world.

Yours in thoughts,

Santa Santosh Avvannavar 

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Only One Teacher

For children, there are no specialised teachers. They see each teacher as a teacher. It’s important for teachers to come together keeping their specialisation set aside to collaborate and facilitate learning according to individual’s learning styles. 

This demands teacher bringing aspects of all subjects in their course. The identity of a teacher lies in creating an identity of individuals. 


Love: Power of Words


Dear Friend: 

I am writing to you answer the feelings about your love. I am writing it from my point of view.

That’s a good thing to happen is to fall in love. I feel that is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Don’t allow anyone or the societal norms to belittle the feeling of being in love. However, I believe it is not that love which is selfish, mean or uses for self-glory. If so, it would take ugly turns and discourage others to have the feeling of love. It will set wrong precedent for others. The love I am mentioning you which make you outpour everything that is good in you. It consists of kindness, consideration and respect that identifies the another person as unique and valuable. This makes you upright and compassionate person setting up a message of love. Hang on to your feeling.

If the same feeling exists that was from the beginning I think you are in love. I am sure you know better than me or anyone else. I could tell you, how do you look into it.

Love is one thing that you will be glad and grateful for the existence of individuals. It’s one of the best and most beautiful thing to happen in one’s life. One should hang on and try live up to it. It’s like a thriller movie that keeps one on edge hoping for a good and happy end.

Hanging on and being in love is as important as saying so in a way that takes into consideration of the culture one is groomed. The expression of love needs it!

Even though one understand or feel the way you feel, but one would like to hear it out!

In some cases, the fear of rejection or the same feeling is not returned from the another cannot belittle the feeling. Remember, and be glad for having the feeling of being in love. And don’t worry about rejection. Your love is like blossoming of flower for its own joy. Rejections are like the joy of moment one gets by looking at it. And such rejections, in reality has nothing to do with your feeling.

And lastly, don’t be in hurry in making things happen – they won’t! If your love is right, it will happen. Nothing good gets away from the person who is in love from the beginning till the end!


Ways to identify the best school

Identifying a school that is suitable for your child is a daunting task, in order to help parents in collaboration with Radio Active CR 90.4 and QtPi Robotics a series ‘My School, Best School’, in Bengaluru, Karnataka is initiated.

The objective behind the series ‘My School, Best School’ is to help parents to pick the best school for their child. Dear parents, remember, you are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child and you as rewarding as possible.

Listen to their talk, the reason they believe what makes their school is Best School –

Harvest International School, Bengaluru

Edify School, Electronic City, Bengaluru

Deeksha High School, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, M. S. Palya, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Begur, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Mysuru

Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar (ICSE), Bengaluru

DRS International School, Hyderabad

Tatva Global School, Hyderabad

Edify Global School, Balapur, Hyderabad

PNC Cognitio School, Bengaluru

The Samhita Academy, Bengaluru

( More school talk will be update periodically)

Incase any broken link, please visit:

Children Can Innovate

(The article was original published at Moon Light Magazine for Sep – Oct 2018 edition. The magazine can be accessed – This is reproduced with permission of the Managing Editor Ms. Priyamoni Debnath)

Mankind can only progress if the mind is to be progressive. To be progressive thinkers one needs to innovate and take risks, how could we help child to be so? Unlike couple of decades ago upbringing was focused on making a good human being where personality fetched more brownie points over today’s expectation among children who (often) forced to chase never-ending quest for achievements. Earlier children had limited space to innovate because of hand-to-mouth economics. Children often are forced to work on standardized tests. These measurements likely to create a situation of difficulty to be innovators in future. These standardized tests are often evaluated like binary 0 or 1 where getting answers become focus.

According to author Wagner’s1 book, Creating Innovators says, ‘An average a child asks 100 questions a day. But around 10 or 12 age, child understands the importance of right answers than asking questions.’

How do we help child to balance both? Is it a right question to ponder? Or Is creative has to do with asking questions? In a classroom or on coffee table talks one often consumes information either through force (uniformity because of curriculum) or belief system. Parents and teachers could bring sense of play where child could play multiple role as thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. Parents and teachers could help to connect to the basics that child has come across in a course work. It might seem fun for a child.

One of such introduction to schools and home is STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This inter-disciplinary approach will help in fueling the curious mind to focus on understanding how to bring the multiple things together. This will foster several skills either working individuals or in a group. Skills that are in demand such as creativity, communication and collaboration. STEM is applicable to languages, history or anything else. This is to help individual to educate and personalize learning. It can be referred as STEAM, where ‘A’ refers to Arts.

Dale Dougherty2 summed up very neatly in his TED talk at TED@Motorcity 2011, we are makers. He believes that each individual contributes through making something. They not necessarily have real significant to everyone but it could be for oneself. Author Drew Boyd also believes that children can learn systematic creativity at early age. He uses five techniques of Systematic Inventive Thinking. He pinpoints that by creating a model (prototype) that is already been invented, this is success. Because by repeating a successful model, one could invent new and useful. His teaching to children also emphasis on two direction of innovation: solution-to-problem and problem-to-solution.

Children’s innovation projects could lead to fearlessness to try new and take risk. Understanding dimensions to innovation can create a great sense of purpose in young minds. This sense of belonging is like play with crayons or clays. Parents and teachers can make a big deal in raising kids if engagements are through story telling or play. Such group activities will make children believe that each one are working toward the same goal. This will open doors to abstract thinking like intuitive sense. Children likes working together, as it unites people in purposeful and meaningful ways.

One of such exceptional is Shubam Banerjee3, while he was 12 year created braigo, braille printer for less price. The likely scenario incase children are not given innovation ecosystem is like, ‘remolding for regular production.’

With technology like mobile and computers being necessity, clubbing several components like building blocks, electronics and programming is leading to several innovative prototyping in the field of STEM. Robotics is not just about STEM. It’s an ecosystem that children are required to equip with life skills like leadership, communication, entrepreneurship and exchanging ideas with people around the world, (for example, YouTube).

Does it mean, can innovation be taught in a classroom or home? According Dr. Prashanth P. Gowda, Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist says, ‘Innovation can’t be taught but one can train mind and lay foundation to be innovative. It needs a free mind, free of fear, free of stress, free to think, the way a child want. At times, there is a need of push to get that focus about what the child would do.’

As much knowledge was looked up handful years ago but now what one does and how is it done counts to collaborate. Now children demand an ecosystem of empowerment as creators with teachers and parents.

Innovative projects such as agro-robo prototyped by few batch of students using QtPi Robotics kit have evolved and is an answer to the approach: problem-to-solution and solution-to-problem. An agro-robo which has a moisture sensor to check the moisture value in the soil. Based on the characteristics of soil and quantity of water for individual crop growth, it can be optimized. This could be a boon to agrarian economy. Additional the same robot could be used for tiling, sowing, watering and sprinkling fertilizers.


Changing paradigm in the way food is and will be grown or delivery of goods, the way we connect to others, spend money etc., STEM is evolving and transforming individuals lives. A trend that is going to be ‘Robotics for All’ to drive the future.

Understanding the intrinsic motivation of child one is allowing it to be more innovative. The key factor lies in innovation. Showing and allowing the child to develop ways to solve existing problems makes STEAM exciting. As we understand that children can quiz the problem, note the observations, discuss with mentors or use the other resources to forecast the prediction that seem solvable. Such process adds skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluation. These indicates value added to oneself and it’s a new level. It is often difficult to predict the future industries but indicator of automation is for several nations. Schools and individuals of developing nations need to embrace and integrate STEM into their curriculum. The integration being a key word is to engage child with science in new ways. Let’s not forget on wisdom words by Rabindranath Tagore, “Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he is born in another time.”


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