What Parents mean to Children?

Let’s imagine if I say a word ‘child’, what comes to your mind? The possibilities are cute, sweet, smile, naughty, happy and so on. Now let’s imagine if I say another word, ‘adult’, what comes to your mind? The possibilities of negative words! The shift from the positive words to negative words happened in no time! Right? As much we see a child with ‘positive words’ and adult with ‘negative words’ (mean with apprehension) but for a child nothing is bigger and beyond parents while they grow up. But the kind of questions parents ask to children are of adult, for example, how was school today? I found it very difficult to explain to parents when some parents call me up and say, my child enjoys your Robotics workshop but when I ask him/ her on today’s learning, he just avoids the question? This is exactly what I meant a question for adult not for children. Perhaps I have learnt from my parents and other parents in community when I grow up, how to talk to children? I am yet to completely master it!

I continue to understand that a good communication is harder than mathematics or something like that. Let me bring some of my observations :

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