Little Deed : Serve to be served! 


On a special occasion several delicious dishes were prepared for the members of family and some invited guest. The aroma in the kitchen made several passerby noses to look up. Members of family were salivating on knowing the names of dishes that would be served for the lunch. Chintu the youngest in the family was on dining table since morning thinking to grab the first bite of all dishes. As soon the customary bell rang to indicate lunch time. Members of the family and guests grab their seats. Maid began to serve, guests were taken back in the way the maid put the dishes on the plate. Guests were having hard bite trying to keep a smile. They were politely rejecting the next servings. Chintu’s granny the elder of family noticed the way the new maid served. In pretext of getting something from the kitchen, maid was asked to accompany. In the kitchen granny in her strenuous look said to the maid, “It isn’t just what you cook; how you serve also makes a difference.” As much one does anything with love and compassion is reflected in their action!

Share your story, where someone served you with love and compassion.

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