Kiki Challenge could Kick back! 

Life needs propel forcibly with the foot to rise not to fall. The new dance trend that is making noise known as #KiKiChallenge seen an individual dancing alongside a moving car to a rapper Drake’s song, In My Feelings from the album, Scorpion. Though it is likely to have started as fun activity but has turned to safety issues around the world. 

The challenge for a common man, it becomes irresistible to look away from the viral challenges. The dance by Shiggy, comedian posted a video of himself on Instagram dancing to the lyrics of the song. The original video did not involve a car. However, his friend Odell Beckham Jr. did outside of a vehicle. This led to the #KiKiChallenge. Several celebrities followed giving fans to copy. 

The volunteer act of jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside in middle of road. 

The Bengaluru City Police’s official Twitter handle posted the warning, writing, “BCP’s Kiki: If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, We’re sure of making you dance behind the bars!! Kiki Challenge may get you a KICK OF LAW not KICK OF DANCE”

One need to take viral videos with a pinch of salt. Otherwise not only police, life will Kick the KiKi Challengers! Just drive safe in your feelings and don’t KiKi. 

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